Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Kitsy Lane

Recently, I began hearing about Kitsy Lane. It's a jewelry selling community, similar to Stella & Dot. I never bought anything from Stella, but decided to give Kitsy a try once I checked out their website. A lot of the styles were very on trend and very resonably priced. I decided to go for the Stevie necklace. It reminded me of a YSL necklace I saw in Vogue. The YSL one is $1,250 and the Stevie one is only $38. Considering it's a trendy style, I wouldn't want to invest in the YSL one. Lastly, it arrives in a very nice black velvet lined box.  Kitsy is worth a look Here is a coupon code I found:QGM6JW6C2F

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